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Robbin's review (featured in the podcast above)

I actually emailed Leanne and said I wanted it [ETC] but couldn’t afford it. (Sorry about that Leanne 😉) I basically got “this is an investment in yourself” as a reply. So I grabbed my credit card, with a rather large balance btw, and said alright I am doing this. I need help! And oh my did I get help!!!! With Leanne’s knowledge, experience and practical approaches along with this group of amazing strong beautiful women it changed my life. I ended a 16-year relationship with an incredibly abusive man. At 53 I am moving to a different city, going back to school and taking my life back. It astounds me how far I have come in such a very short time. One of the biggest things I have learned is how to ‘deal’ with an abusive relationship… it’s different for all of us…but also how to really look after myself going forward. Is it easy? Nope. Is it a magic pill to make it better? Nope. Will there be struggles going forward? Probably. But I know in my heart the tools I have now and realizing I had the power all along is a game-changer. You are absolutely worth it. I’ll shout praises for Leanne and her program to the world.
ETC member

What our other ETC members think:

“ETC lifted the veil on what is going on in my marriage. I have been unhappy almost my whole marriage and I felt so much guilt and shame that I was unhappy. Seeing behind the scenes and understanding covert abuse dramatically elevated the feeling that I was a “bad wife” for not liking my husband. ETC radically opened my eyes to MY POWER. I am SO much stronger than I thought. I am SO much more divinely powerful than I EVER thought. Radically shifting my view from victim to empowered! THANK YOU! ETC helped me see that I am not alone!! For years the dark fog of abuse had me confused and believing the illusion that I was the only one living this way. I thought I was broken, I believed my marriage was shit because I was too sensitive. I am WORTHY of healthy love and connection

“Before stumbling across awakening women on Instagram, I was confused, being manipulated and emotionally abused, daily. I didn’t even know what gaslighting was. I was often crying, not wanting to proceed with my day, tangled up with my partner. Every day now, [after working with Leanne and the ETC program], I empower myself more and feel better. I am in a healthy routine and bettering myself now, I’m learning about energy and I am motivated to protect mine. My focus used to be on my partner and everything he was doing. Now my focus is on me and my kids. I’ve changed the way I react to him and slowly but surely disconnecting myself from the toxicity”

If you get a chance to work with Leanne she will transform your behavior and help shift your energy towards what serves you. I’m so grateful she has taught me to love myself just the way I am and to go deep and face my emotions head-on. Leanne taught me to set boundaries and take care of myself. Thank you for lifting me up”

I always thought there was something wrong with me. Now I’m out on my own and even though I have far to go (get a place to live, find a new job, get my car fixed) I finally am starting to feel whole. I’m finding all the pieces I’ve allowed to fall. I’m picking them up and putting them back where they belong. Those pieces were never meant to be anyone’s responsibility but my own.”

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