No More Ms. Nice Girl

Who Am I, And How Can I Help You Uplevel Your Life?

Hi, I’m Leanne Oaten, and I’m a former registered professional counsellor with a background in Counselling Psychology.

If you’re like most women in my community, you are an action taker who wants a fast track solution to elevate your life to the next level, but your relationship or other areas of your life are holding you back from true happiness and fulfillment, vibrant health and as well as the success you want in your career and business. 

I support successful, ambitious career women in overcoming the unconscious patterns that keep them reliving the same experiences and circumstances in dating and relationships by doing the inner healing work.

I have over 11+ years combined experience working with women in my private counselling practice, and running online group programs for women all over the world.

If you know you’re ready to heal from the inside out, and you want a solution to grow and become empowered to change your life, you’re invited to take the step today and get started below with the many resources I have available.

You may not know what your next steps are, or if leaving your relationship is the right thing to do, but it starts with committing to living life for yourself and becoming who you are meant to be as a powerful, wild, awakened woman.

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