Elite Level Customized Coaching and Mentoring For Smart, Busy And Successful Women Who Are Ready to Reclaim Their Worth, Heal The Impact of Relationship Betrayal and Never Settle Again

Private coaching is a fully personalized experience for women who are driven and successful in their careers, who have a pattern of ending up in toxic, unfulfilling relationships. 
You want to release the past, and feel free from your ex, so you don’t walk around with a bitterness that ages you and makes life feel heavy.
With Reclaimed coaching you get the benefit of a self paced program, materials to listen to when you’re cooking or out walking, and the convenience of scheduled sessions you can work your busy life around. 

Group programs are great for many reasons, but as a busy, successful woman, and mother you don’t have time or flexibility to attend live calls, and you want access to coaching and support on your time, when you need it!

If you are going through a difficult separation and divorce and want expert guidance,  accountability and support to reclaim your life and personal power, you have come to the right place!
I am a former Registered Professional Counsellor with a background in Counselling Psychology and over 11 years experience counselling and coaching women through their relationship and life challenges. I offer a high-touch level of service for my private clients to help them transcend their current challenges of wanting move past the trauma and emotional aftershock of leaving a narcissistic or toxic relationship.

What is Holistic Therapeutic Coaching?

Therapeutic coaching is exactly as it sounds, it is coaching with a therapy foundation, so you get to go deep to release the patterns that are keeping you in the same life situations, and move forward with solution focused coaching and strategy.


The Areas Of Work We Focus On:

  • Recovering from the aftershock of betrayal trauma and relationship addiction patterns
  • How to deal with the immediate challenges you will face as you navigate parenting with a narcissistic ex
  • Healing on a multidimensional level integrating the 9 areas of living a Reclaimed life
  • Emotional healing tools and practices so you no longer feel emotionally dependent on a man ever again
  • Building a life for yourself that feels good to you, on your own terms
  • Healing the emotional void that follows after a lifetime leaving one toxic relationship for another 
  • What to do when you think you should be feeling happy, but you don’t despite everything looking good on the outside
  • How to feel and move through decades of repressed emotions that you don’t know what to do with 
  •  Your spiritual healing journey and how to find a deeper meaning to all you have been through 
"Before I started working with Leanne I was feeling stuck at the end of my 23 year relationship. The prospect of staying was devastating, but the leap to leave was equally terrifying. Coaching with Leanne helped me to know that for 90 days I would have her support as I took the leap to leave, and that wherever my leap took me she would be there. Coaching and having access to her on Voxer when I needed it really helped me to know what to expect, and what crazy making actions I experienced from him were to be expected. While my experience leaving was difficult, I never doubted my decision and I had clarity that what I did was the right thing. This is because of Leanne. I had failed at many prior attempts to leave because I would doubt myself or get sucked back in. Coaching helped me to have clarity on who I was dealing with, that I was indeed saving my life and helped me to come back to these truths."
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Former Private Coaching Client

Each client is different and so is the approach I take, based on the needs, personality and level of readiness of each person. If you are in the process of divorcing a high-conflict ex, I can help you navigate this with confidence and avoid making things worse in the process.

This is not a cookie-cutter program, but is personalized to you based on what you need to reach your goals and overcome the current challenges you’re facing. 

How Can Reclaimed Coaching Help You?

  • Through the curriculum of MP3’s, videos and supporting materials, along with coaching sessions and Voxer messaging support, you will begin to rapidly shift your experience and learn how to reclaim your power and all the areas you have abandoned to please a man while betraying yourself
  •  You’ll be powerfully coached through your toughest moments while navigating the mediation and divorce process and co-parenting with confidence 
  • Embark on your holistic healing journey after experiencing narcissistic abuse or other toxic relationships 
  • You will focus on rebuilding your self worth, creating healthy boundaries and letting go of control of what your ex is doing, so that you can regain your peace and power NOW
  • Learn how to navigate dating or your first relationship after a string of toxic ones
  • Learn how to ensure you never experience getting sucked in to another toxic relationship EVER again
  • Address the triggers and emotional material from past relationships that are impacting your present 
  • Get clarity on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there – whether in a current relationship or in any area of your life that is being impacted by a relationship that is not working for you

1 Month- Reclaimed Coaching Package


Installment plan is available upon request.

3 Month- Reclaimed Coaching Package


Installment plan is available upon request.

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