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New Weekly Episodes Covering Topics Such As:

  • How to get over what you’ve been through and overcome the challenges after leaving a narcissistic relationship
  • What is healing anyways? How do you ‘heal’ after experiencing so much turmoil and trauma for so long?
  • Healing feminine wounds and our own toxic patterns that keep us in unfulfilling relationships and situations
  • Processing grief, guilt and the losses that come from divorce 
  • The 9 Dimensions of Healing and Recovery for women who love too much
  •  The emotional void that is part of leaving a chaotic relationship
  • Identifying and avoiding the energy drainers in your life 
  • When we have been fueled by adrenaline for our whole lives, when we come out of these roller coaster relationships, it may feel like depression – how to tell the difference 
  • Dating after divorce and navigating the inner conflict of fear of a new relationship and your desire to open your heart and find a nourishing, happy and fulfilling relationship 
  • How to navigate parenting and an ex that is working against you 
  • How do you parent effectively when you feel like your ex is still pulling the stings of your life?

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