Your Empowered Separation and Divorce Coaching

Elite Level Support for Ambitious, Successful Women Who Are Ready to Elevate Every Area Of Their Lives
Working with Leanne privately is not for everyone, but if you identify with the list of readiness factors below, you may be the perfect fit!

Divorce Private Coaching Is For You If: 

  • You are career driven, or have your own businesses, and financial independence and you are struggling to move on after leaving a narcissistic relationship 
  •  You are in emotional turmoil over leaving, and are feeling crippling guilt and grief 
  • You’re willing to take Radical Responsibility for your life and unlearn the patterns that have led you here
  • You’ve been listening to the podcast (or binging the episodes) and have resonated with my style, approach, and personality – you want MORE
  • You’re coachable and are open to getting uncomfortable and doing whatever it takes to change your life 
  • You’re open to learning and practicing new skills and following homework directions – you understand this will require work that may be very uncomfortable, but you are ready!
  • You want more in your life and are ready to do whatever it takes to have it
  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and want a new experience 
  • You’re ready to change how you’re showing up in life by learning new habits, mindsets, practices, and ways of BEing
  • You want a high level of support, you’re willing to invest your time, money, and energy into reaching your vision for the future
  • You have recently left your relationship, and know you need support to stay on the right path, and while it’s scary it feels like a “HELL YES” and you know this is what you need to do next
  • You have left a toxic or abusive relationship and want to rebuild and heal your life on the other side – you want to feel free from your ex and the past, rather than allow it to continually hold you back 
  • You want a coach in your corner to help you see around corners, and navigate the path ahead with parenting and legal challenges from a place of clarity, confidence and empowerment 
  • You want to do everything in your power to make the separation as sooth as possible for your kids, and want to protect them in the process

Apply To Become a Private Client

Once you send in your application,  I will contact yo within 24 hours, and if I believe we are a perfect fit to work together, you will be contacted within 24 hours with the registration information.

"My situation was extremely complex which made it even harder for me to justify leaving. Leanne helped me see the light by putting language to phenomena that I was experiencing. It was by recognizing my own reactions/symptoms that I was able to finally realize the reality at hand. It was the wake-up call I needed to finally walk away from the toxic relationship and start a new, more empowering chapter. Working with Leanne was like years of therapy in just a few sessions!"
Private Coaching Client
"Before I started working with Leanne I was trapped at the end of my 23 year relationship, feeling that I would die if I stayed. The prospect of staying was devastating, but the leap to leave was equally terrifying. Coaching with Leanne helped me to know that for 90 days I would have her support as I took the leap to leave, and that wherever my leap took me she would be there. Coaching really helped me to know what to expect, and what crazy making actions I experienced from him were to be expected. While my experience leaving was still dramatic and miserable, I never doubted my decision and I had clarity that what I did was the right thing. This is because of Leanne. I had failed at many prior attempts to leave because I would doubt myself or get sucked back in. Coaching helped me to have clarity on who I was dealing with, that I was indeed saving my life and helped me to come back to these truths.
Private Coaching Client

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