Heal the Impact of Past Relationships, Embrace Your Worth And Never Settle For Less Again!

Private coaching with Leanne is a fully customized experience for women who are driven and successful in their careers, and feel like they are living a double life because everything feels chaotic and dysfunctional in their relationship. 
If you have left a narcissistic relationship and want coaching, accountability and support to reclaim your life and personal power, you have come to the right place!
Leanne Oaten is a former Registered Professional Counsellor with over 11 years experience counselling and coaching women. She offers a high-touch level of service for her private clients to help them transcend their current challenges of wanting to exit a bad relationship or getting past the trauma and emotional aftershock of leaving a narcissistic relationship.

What is Holistic Therapeutic Coaching?

Coaching with me is like having a therapist and coach in your back pocket, Monday to Friday. We go deep when needed, and move into solution focused accountability so you can actually move forward with the goals you have for all areas of your life.

Mind: We work with thought forms that are keeping you in the same patterns

Emotions: You will learn how to work with your emotions rather than push them down and pretend they don’t exist 

Physical: You will be implementing some customized wellness and self care practices based on your situation

Spirit: You will do the work to connect with yourself – and a higher power- to build resilience and connect with your intuition)

"Before I started working with Leanne I was feeling stuck at the end of my 23 year relationship. The prospect of staying was devastating, but the leap to leave was equally terrifying. Coaching with Leanne helped me to know that for 90 days I would have her support as I took the leap to leave, and that wherever my leap took me she would be there. Coaching and having access to her on Voxer when I needed it really helped me to know what to expect, and what crazy making actions I experienced from him were to be expected. While my experience leaving was difficult, I never doubted my decision and I had clarity that what I did was the right thing. This is because of Leanne. I had failed at many prior attempts to leave because I would doubt myself or get sucked back in. Coaching helped me to have clarity on who I was dealing with, that I was indeed saving my life and helped me to come back to these truths."
Former Private Coaching Client

Each client is different and so is the approach I take, based on the needs, personality and level of readiness of each person. If you are in the process of divorcing a high-conflict ex, I can help you navigate this with confidence and avoid making things worse in the process.

This is not a cookie-cutter program, but is personalized to you based on what you need to reach your goals and overcome the current challenges you’re facing. 

How Can 1:1 Coaching Help You?

  • Learn how to reclaim your power after exiting a toxic marriage, manage co-parenting and rebuilding your self worth 
  • Embark on your healing journey after experiencing narcissistic abuse or other toxic relationships 
  • Navigate dating or your first relationship after experiencing toxic/narcissistic relationship dynamics
  • Learn how to ensure you never experience getting sucked in to another toxic relationship 
  • Address the triggers and emotional material from past relationships that are impacting your present 
  • Get clarity on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there – whether in a current relationship or in any area of your life that is being impacted by a relationship that is not working for you

Step 1: Choose Your Coaching Package

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Installment plans are available 

3 Month Coaching Package


Installment plans are available 

6 Month Coaching + Voxer Package


Installment plans are available 

Step 2: Fill Out Your Application



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