Break Free From Post-Divorce Chaos, Release Your People Pleasing Patterns And Stop Feeling Guilty So That You Can Finally Get Back To Your True Self And Who You Were Always Meant to Be (Without Spending Years In Therapy)

"I came across this course at the exact moment I needed to, and it has been beyond valuable. In all honesty there were moments where I felt like I wasn't make any progress, and ones where I doubted that I ever would. But just doing the work- reading and listening and actually writing out my reflections really did result in clarity. Suddenly my needs and the beginnings of some real boundaries were right in front of me, in my own handwriting! I feel more in tune with myself than I think I ever have, and I am so grateful for you Leanne, and this incredible course. Thank you so, so much." J.A
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Anna D.
TANA Student
What I got from this program is a combination of knowing I'm not alone and HOPE.  There's a certain amount of comfort that comes from knowing you're not the only one to experience this thing.  Seeing that other people go through this and come out on the other side to have healthy relationships and live 'normal' lives gave me some hope.  One of my biggest fears in leaving was that I would just end up with someone as bad or worse.  I don't feel like that's the only option now.  I'm not ready for a relationship yet, but I feel like if I happened to find someone, I have the tools to make better choices and a clearer vision of what it is that I would really want. 
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Amy P.
TANA Student

Experiencing relationship betrayal and Narcissistic abuse is an INITIATION to becoming whole and fully embodied in your feminine power. 


Going through relationship betrayal and the emotional and psychological brutality of narcissistic abuse is a spiritual initiation to becoming the highest version of ourselves


Ideally we’d have the time and space to move through the grief the loss. To restore and recalibrate. We have deep support and women around us to support us through this transition, rather than being told we just need to move on.


When a relationship ends- especially after narcissistic abuse, manipulation, coercive control, sexual abuse and betrayal are involved, we often struggle with a lack of clarity for how to move forward through the wreckage.


When we add the pressures of jobs/business, kids to feed and get places, a home to take care of, family and other commitments and responsibilities the weight of it can feel all consuming and overwhelming. We long for a lifeline, some kind of support or relief from the pressure.


What if?


On the other side of betrayal you learn how to never betray yourself again?


On the other side of manipulation you learn discernment and never allow yourself to ignore your intuition again?


On the other side of neglect, you learn how to take exquisite care of yourself – so that if anyone comes along and messes up the peace you’ve created for yourself you’ll immediately know they need to go?


On the other side of having your feelings dismissed and minimized, you learn how to be with and love your own emotions, so that you are ALIVE, rather than shut down and numb?


There are gifts within the trauma of past relationship betrayal and abuse. 


If you do choose to take this initiation into becoming your whole healed self?


When you’ve come full circle with this initiation, you become a woman that will never let things slide, let others abuse you, be naive to lies and manipulation, and you’ll never ignore your intuition again! 


I do believe those of us who are strong enough to choose growth over staying stuck, and healing over staying victimized, and evolution over staying trapped in the past- we are the 1%!


You’re here because you are part of that 1%. 

I invite you to let the cost of your past relationship choices to serve as fuel for your new commitments, that you will always choose yourself, you will advocate and stand up for yourself and NEVER lose your power like that ever again!

The type of self- commitment I’m talking about here needed the initiation of the pain, loss and challenges you’ve experienced, in order to fully evolve.


Women are resilient. You can transform this experience into energy that will strengthen and heal you!


While therapy, having friends around you to vent to, time and perhaps a new, healthier lover are all part of this healing, these things are a temporary bandage on a festering wound.


Healing our feminine energy and the impact of the pain we’ve experienced from wounded masculine men, and connecting with a deep knowing of ourselves as women of value and wholeness requires a holistic approach


The deep internal rupture we’ve experienced from past relationship betrayal separates us from our belief in our own worth and value. We lose trust in ourselves- which is the highest price to pay.

Join me and other women on the jourey to healing and wholeness...

What You'll Learn Inside The TANA Program:

How it Works

Once you register you’ll have instant access to the program education area and receive an invite to join our community. You can dive it right away and get started!


Your membership includes 1 year of access to the curriculum and private support community. 


Each module is unlocked on a weekly basis to help you integrate what you’ve learned, and avoid the feeling like you are behind. Once you have completed the 6 week program, you have 1 year of continued access, and you can revisit them anytime!

On the week of your new module release, you will also get coaching emails to help you stay accountable and on track with your work.


The videos are pre-recorded, and you can pause them where necessary. There are also audio versions of each masterclass, so you can listen, and re-listen on the go. 


Once you register you’ll receive an email from me with your next steps, instructions for how to get started, and strategies for how to set yourself up for success.

My Guarantee:

My 6 week guarantee: If the only thing you do right now is dive in and commit to doing the work in this program, you will experience profound shifts and will be taking new actions to change your life. You must complete the entire course to 100%, and be active in the community to get any questions answered. If after doing all of this you don’t feel the program was delivered as represented, or that it did not help you in any way to change your perspectives, you will get a no questions asked refund within 6 weeks of your enrollment date.

What You Get Immediate Access To When You Enroll:

*1 Year Continued All- Access To The Materials, Community, Updates and Private Podcast

  • Community: 1 Year Access to our Thrive community to connect with other women in the course. This is a secret community, off of Facebook so we can connect and stay focused on the work. Accessible through the app or desktop ($1,200 value). Participate in Weekly Group Q & A’s, discussions and interaction with me around the program content and themed chats inside the community – no need to attend live group calls! ($1,200 value)
  • Curriculum: 1 Year Access to The TANA curriculum delivered in 6 x 60 minute pre-recorded video and MP3 version of the classes. Access them 24/7 as many times as you want to continue your learning process ($1,997 value)
  • Private Podcast: Listen on the go to private members only podcast episodes on topics related to healing and recovery from relationship addiction, giving too much, navigating the challenges of parenting with a narcissistic ex, and overcoming toxic patterns that drive us choosing unhealthy men ($133 value)
  • 30 Minute 1:1 call ($600 value) *when you pay in full

And, I’ve sweetened the pot for you, because you also get some additional bonuses to support your journey: 


  • *NEW* The Healing Code Program – How to heal yourself after toxic relationships. Practical and powerful practices, rituals and principles to apply in your life to experience rapid shifts NOW!  ($197 value)
  • *NEW* Breakthrough Messaging Course  –  how to message and communicate with a difficult narcissistic ex when you can’t go no contact while protecting your emotional safety ($97)
  • 30 minute private 1:1 call with me (over WhatsApp phone calling)  ($600)


Get access to over $4,000 in coaching for only 1 payment of $997 USD (or choose the installment plan below)

“If you get a chance to work with Leanne she will help you transform your behavior and shift your energy towards what serves you. I’m so grateful she has taught me to love myself just the way I am and to go deep and face my emotions head on. Leanne taught me to set boundaries and take care of me. Thank you for lifting me up”.
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Jennifer P.


1 Year all access TO THE healing after narcissistic abuse recovery program


997 $
sAVE $200
  • 1 Year Access to The TANA Curriculum
  • i Year in The Secret Divorce Healing Community
  • No contact communication Course (when you can't go No Contact)
  • The Healing Code Program
  • The Fix Yourself Private Podcast
  • My Reading List Recommendations
  • 1 x 30 Minute private strategy call


6 X 197 $
  • 1 Year Access to The TANA Curriculum
  • i Year in The Secret Divorce Healing Community
  • No contact communication Course (when you can't go No Contact)
  • The Healing Code Program
  • The Fix Yourself Private Podcast
  • Updates to the program at no extra charge
  • My Reading List Recommendations

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