End the Cycle Evolve

Self-Study Step By Step Program for Women Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse Who Want to Know Whether to Stay or Leave Their Relationship

Taught By Former Therapist and  Transformation Coach Leanne Oaten

Transform Your Pain Into Power

and Finally Get Clarity On Whether Your Relationship Can (or Should) Be Saved

Shift the patterns of crazymaking arguments, tension and conflict in your relationship starting today with a proven process that actually moves you toward rapid change 

This program is currently only available as a self study program, and is taught by a trained Holistic Therapist and Master Transformation Coach with over 10 years of experience 

End the Cycle Evolve is a step by step program and method for women experiencing emotional abuse with a partner who exhibits narcissistic traits. 

You’ve researched narcissism at length, and find your partner doesn’t fit all of the criteria and behaviors of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

And because your partner shows both positive and negative behaviors, and doesn’t fit the full criteria for NPD, you’re unsure if you’re actually experiencing abuse

You swing back and forth between being ready to leave and wondering if maybe there is hope for change to occur. 

Or, maybe you’re separated and hoping for a reunion once he’s worked on himself

If you’re wondering if change is possible, or know that it isn’t and want a pathway out of the relationship, read on…

Nothing changes until YOU change

Other programs and experts tell you leaving and going “no contact” is the only option, or they offer guidance on healing after you’ve left. 

End The Cycle Evolve is specifically created for women who are experiencing toxic relationship cycles, who aren’t sure if they should give the relationship more time, or if leaving is the only way toward a whole and healed life

It’s also for women who don’t feel leaving is the right decision, who have kids or other entanglements.

Some women think the benefits of staying outweigh the cost of leaving and even fear the damage done to the children if they leave.

This is a no judgement zone! 

discover if your relationship can (and should) be saved through

The Path to self-reclamation and Changing your part
in the Toxic 'dance'

Going to friends, family, and uninformed therapists who minimize what you’re going through only leads to further traumatization.

You need a proven strategy and plan to follow to actually move toward real change – from the inside out

A holistic path that integrates your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions, that merges psychology, counselling, coaching, and solution focused mentorship.

ETCE is The Program for you If...

Here's What You'll Be Doing Inside End the Cycle Evolve:

PHASE 1: The Relationship Reset 

Getting Out of The Confusion and Crazymaking Cycle

Get rid of any doubt that you’re experiencing abuse, and get out of the toxic ‘dance’ by understanding what you’re experiencing and changing your responses to abusive behaviours


Become a Boundary Badass

Learn how to set boundaries in your relationship (even when you’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked) from a place of self love and empowerment  

Phase 3:

Reclaim YOU and Your Personal Power

Learn the most important areas to shift within yourself to feel more powerful and in charge of your emotions and life, including breaking codependent patterns 

phase 4:

How to Know if Change is Possible + Plan Your Exit Strategy

In this module:

  • Understand whether your partner can change and what he’d actually need to do 
  • Learn how to know if he’s serious about change (or if it’s more manipulation)
  • Empower yourself by working toward your exit plan, just in case
  • Steps to doing an in house separation if leaving right away isn’t an option or you’re needing more time to sort things out

Perhaps right about now, you're feeling terrified that by joining you'll have to make a decision whether or not to leave your partner, and you're not ready for that...

This program is not about forcing you to make a decision about whether to stay or go. It’s about guiding you to making your own decisions by doing the inner work necessary to change your unhealthy patterns… because in the end, nobody knows better about what to do about your life than you do. 

You always have choice.

want you to come to your own conclusions and decisions as a result of doing the inner work to get real and honest with yourself about what you’ve been experiencing, and how you’ve been allowing, even enabling, your partner’s abusive and disrespectful behavior.

You might be feeling afraid that if you leap and join ETCE, this means that you have to blow up your life and make huge decisions about your family as a result of taking the program, this is also not the case.

In the process of going through the modules, you will begin to shift and see things much differently and will be able to make healthier decisions about your future from a healthier place.

This program is intended to help you get clarity on the phases of the emotional abuse cycle, and insight into whether your relationship can be changed, including creating your own plan for change that puts the focus back on you and your needs. 

You may be with a partner who says he wants to change and promises to go to therapy to deal with his issues. From my experience working with so many women, this is not an effective strategy on its own.

To help you know exactly what he needs to be doing to actually change, (in module 4 after you’ve done your work) I outline exactly what he needs to be doing to actually change his behaviors at the root cause, should he be willing to join you in the change process.

You will define your next steps and walk away with a plan of action to implement to either stay, stay for now, or begin the exit phase of your relationship.

Here's What You Get Instant Access To When You Invest in End The Cycle Evolve Mentoring Program Today:

How it Works

Once you register you’ll have instant access to the entire program education area. You can dive it right away and get started! 

You will participate in the initial 30 Day Relationship Reset, and once you do this you will have the opportunity to deepen your growth, healing, and transformation over the additional modules in the program.

This is currently only offered as a self study program, which means you can take in the modules at your convenience.

Once you register you’ll receive an email from me with your next steps, instructions for how to get started, and strategies for how to set yourself up for success.

I want to serve many women for a fraction of the investment so I can live my mission and purpose to get women out of the harmful relationship dynamics they’re living in starting with their own healing and growth 

You can get started in End The Cycle Evolve and get INSTANT access to start on your transformation journey.

*You get 6 months of program access with your enrollment.

Pay in 2 easy installments or in full

Choose the best option for you below:

3 INstallment plan

$549 USD

Everything in the ETCE self study program paid in 2 installments. Includes 6 months access to the program. ($100 more)

one installment

$997 USD

Everything in the ETCE self-study program is paid up front. Includes 6 months of access to the program. 


Worried You Can't Afford To Invest in End the Cycle Evolve?

You can pay a therapist $150 per hour each week ($600 per month) and get mediocre results…

Or you can join a specialized, laser focused, and proven process to get you from uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion about your next steps,  to clarity, focus, peace, and power (within weeks).

Nobody can guide you through what to do if you’re experiencing narcissistic abuse better than someone who understands (professionally and personally) the nuances, dynamics and patterns you’re experiencing. 

ETCE is an investment in yourself and your healthier, happier future.

“I felt I wasn’t worth “that much money”. My transformation and mental health is worth way more than that money!!! If you are on the fence... just do it!! You won’t regret it. All my years of therapists didn’t even get me close to where I am now and that was after a few weeks of the program.”
Former ETCE Student

This program rapidly and permanently changes women's lives in a way that years of therapy could not.

ETC is a specifically designed system, step-by-step method, and process that goes beyond what traditional 1:1 therapy can provide.

Let me clarify: I’m not knocking good quality therapy, there is definitely a place for it, however for the majority of my clients and students, therapy alone was not enough to move them toward meaningful change because the root cause of the relationship issues wasn’t being addressed.

You have a choice. Because life is about choice.

You can invest in getting specific support and guidance to move you forward (in much less time) toward having a real plan and your next steps already figured out


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and try to figure it out on your own with books, online research, YouTube, free groups, and podcasts… and be in this exact same place in 6 months, 12 months, or sadly even longer

Each choice we make holds a consequence. A cause and an effect. Right now you’ve got an important life-changing choice to make.

Keep going in the same direction, or plug into a solution that will move your forward much faster than doing it alone

It's time to get real about how staying where you are is impacting you.

If you choose to do nothing, nothing changes, and not only does nothing change, it most often becomes worse

Chances are, you’re exhausted and feel at the end of your rope. You’ve been at this for quite some time, and you’re asking yourself how much longer this can go on the way it is. You know something’s got to give. You’ve been putting your life on hold as you’ve been consumed with getting by day to day, coping in the relationship dynamics.

A Message To Moms

If you’re like the many of the moms I have worked with, you’re also feeling torn between choosing yourself and letting down your children or others if you decide to leave, and finding a way to make it work to avoid the anguish of breaking up your family. 

Your body is breaking down.

Your adrenals are depleted, you’re not sleeping, and new health symptoms arise as you become sicker and sicker.

You may even have adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, hormone and period problems, and myriad unexplained aches, pains, and ‘syndromes’ due to the ongoing stress you’ve been under.

And because of the state of your physical and emotional health, you feel unequipped to make decisions about what to do about your situation.

You feel trapped.

It’s not your fault that you’ve reached this point. You haven’t had the right support, a structured plan, and specialized expert guidance.

The people you have gone to for help and support have led you astray. Don’t blame and shame yourself for feeling stuck.

And, while it isn’t your fault, if you keep going on this path and the relationship continues as it has been, and becomes worse over time, your body will continue to deteriorate, your mental health will continue to decline, and any children you have in the home will be further harmed in the dynamic of tension, and seeing you unhappy and unwell.

If you’re like most of my clients before they start working with me, you likely feel your family’s fate rests on your shoulders, and the pressure is intense. You play mental ping pong all day long about whether to stay or go.

You’re not present for your kids, and you feel like a terrible mother when you lose your cool with them yet again due to all the pressure and stress you’re under.

I get you’re overwhelmed with the uncertainty of your future, and you’re confused about where to go from here.

But the cold hard, no nonsense truth is that things will only continue to get worse if you don’t get the expert help you need to move the needle forward and develop a plan of action.

You don’t have time to tinker around in therapy talking about how crappy you feel for months on end, getting nowhere.

And therapy with your partner is doomed to fail as well.

The solution is you coming back to you.
Taking the focus off of your partner, and putting it on you.

To bring yourself back into the equation of your life.

For you to start taking a stand and setting rock solid limits and boundaries.

To take steps to protect yourself and your children if you have any in the home.

You want peace, relief, to feel safe and relaxed, happy, and excited about waking up in the morning, to feel the freedom to live your life how you want to live it – without walking on eggshells, without feeling controlled.

You have been too focused on him, and it’s time to focus on YOU.

ETCE is the solution.

Need more convincing ETCE is for you?

Women Answer:

"How did the program most help you?"

(Identity is omitted to protect confidentiality)
"ETC helped me recognize the cycle and learn not to emotionally react. Having online support for insight into personal situations so I could relate it to the material".
"End The Cycle lifted the veil on what is going on in my marriage. I have been unhappy almost my whole marriage and I felt so much guilt and shame that I was unhappy. Seeing behind the scenes and understanding covert abuse dramatically elevated the feeling that I was a “bad wife” for not liking my husband. ETC radically opened my eyes to MY POWER. I am SO much stronger than I thought. I am SO much more divinely powerful than I EVER thought. Radically shifting my view from victim to empowered! THANK YOU! ETC helped me see that I am not alone!! For years the dark fog of abuse had me confused and believing the illusion that I was the only one living this way. I thought I was broken, I believed my marriage was shit because I was too sensitive. I am WORTHY of healthy love and connection".
"Receiving validation, support, and the tools that I need to move forward in whichever way I decide".
"I familiarized myself with gaslighting stone walling etc . Gaining clarity. And having a supportive group behind me".
"I'm in the ETC program and learning so much I wish I knew prior to leaving my ex!" K.R
"I have learned self care/self love/boundaries how to use and practice them. In setting myself routines, and learning about abuse cycles. Knowledge is power and I have learned so much through Leanne's ETC program."
"ETC has helped me to be empowered and know that I am not alone, crazy, or asking for much, learn ways to communicate effectively to not allow myself to self sacrifice all the time and keep boundaries in place, and helped me connect with other women in similar situations and find ways to break the cycle".
Benefits of ETC

How is ETC More Beneficial Than Going to Therapy?

"The journaling prompts and having some type of “homework” was very helpful. It gave me things to take action on instead of just talking about things."
"ETC made me realize my codependency and my "role" with some of my past relationships with men. ETC dives deep in to narcissism and personality traits that go along with it. ETC reminds me to let go of the "victim mentality"; providing me with an awareness and accountability for myself. I matter."
"ETC offered specific information that helped me understand not only the spectrum of narcissistic behavior but also my own role in the relationship. ETC also hammered home the importance of self-care as a means to place the focus on myself as well as highlight how self-care practices are essential to staying well physically and emotionally."
"The accountability and an outlined directives for self soothing and regulating emotions have been most helpful once aware of codependency patterns."
"In ETC there is time to digest and reflect on the content and how it applies to my situation, while the twice weekly video calls kept me accountable. It's one thing to read/listen to the modules and entirely another to do the self reflection and work. I was motivated to stay on top of it all so that I could get as much as possible out of the video calls. I have done therapy on my own and with my partner and often find that the sessions themselves are packed full of information and emotion, with too much time between sessions to ensure that personal or relationship progress remains a top priority. ETC almost feels like a month-long therapy session where I was actually able to relate to the content and truly learn about myself and what I need. I am in a much better position to make real plans and initiate real change in my life."
"ETC is way more actionable and future-focused than therapy."

What Women Like You Are Saying About The Program:

"Before stumbling across awakening women on Instagram, I was confused, being manipulated and emotionally abused, daily. I didn't even know what gaslighting was. I was often crying, not wanting to proceed with my day, tangled up with my partner. Everyday now, [after working with Leanne and the ETC program], I empower myself more and feel better. I am in a healthy routine and bettering myself now, I'm learning about energy and I am motivated to protect mine. My focus used to be on my partner and everything he was doing. Now my focus is on me and my kids. I've changed the way I react to him and slowly but surely disconnecting myself from the toxicity” C.C
"I came across this course at the exact moment I needed to, and it has been beyond valuable. In all honesty there were moments where I felt like I wasn't make any progress, and ones where I doubted that I ever would. But just doing the work- reading and listening and actually writing out my reflections really did result in clarity. Suddenly my needs and the beginnings of some real boundaries were right in front of me, in my own handwriting! I feel more in tune with myself than I think I ever have, and I am so grateful for you Leanne, and this incredible course. Thank you so, so much."
“If you get a chance to work with Leanne she will help you transform your behavior and shift your energy towards what serves you. I’m so grateful she has taught me to love myself just the way I am and to go deep and face my emotions head on. Leanne taught me to set boundaries and take care of me. Thank you for lifting me up”. J.P
"Before the ETC program I was overwhelmed, my head was spinning, I was constantly hurt and in distress and had no clue why other than that my relationship was unhealthy. This program helped me to see the dynamics at play, know that I am not crazy or the one causing the chaos, know that yes I do play a part in the dance and to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. These are valuable life tools and essential when dealing with a covertly abusive partner because generic advice doesn't work with them. I feel like I armed with the tools I need to move forward." L.G
"ETC has radically shifted my reality. ETC has transformed my beliefs that I was powerless, unworthy, unseen and unheard. For so long I felt stuck and helpless. ETC is a bright beacon of light shining light on the TRUTH. The truth is I am powerful, worthy, seen and heard! I matter! I am deserving of a healthy relationship and I no longer accept mistreatment in place of love. Thanks Leanne!" A.T
"Before I found Leanne, I had spent a year reading and watching everything I could get my hands on about narcissistic abuse. I went from simply being educated about it to being supported and coached in such a caring and understanding way that gave me the strength and validation to leave. If I wanted to stay, she would have certainly helped me with that too. That’s what is different with Leanne. She supports you with whatever you decide to do."
"Before ETC I was still trying to figure out both me and my husband. ETC helped me to focus solely on me and what I need and want in a relationship. I was able to let go of some things that were not helping me and had actually been hurting me. I gained a lot of confidence about myself and my own abilities. I feel like a capable and empowered woman now. I don’t know exactly what my future looks like but I know I can handle it."
"Before ETC, I was leaning toward leaving the relationship--and that's where I am now, except I feel much more "prepared" mentally and emotionally. I truly believe the boundary work (which I desperately needed to do) will benefit other relationships in my life -- and perhaps future relationships. I also learned some things about myself, including how the way I've shown up/reacted to my current relationship is often the way I'm showing up/reacting to other things in my life. This was a powerful realization for me--and was one of several "aha" moments."
"Before joining ETC, I knew my relationship was toxic but my coping was not getting me the change or feeling of stability and inner calm I desperately was seeking from others (friends, doctor, therapist.) Two plus years of personal therapy seemed lacking in the understanding of emotional abuse and how to help myself. An attempt to leave without support was unsuccessful. ETC has given me a clearer understanding on the cycle of abuse, tactics used to keep me in fear and under control in this relationship for years. I am now aware of how my silence, over-functioning, almost nonexistent boundaries and victim mentality contribute to abandonment of myself, codependency, reactive behaviours and avoidance of conflict. Unresolved childhood trauma and buried emotions added to my inner turmoil and inability to self regulate my moods. Learning to detach from negative interactions and conversation has been a huge positive shift in my self healing. The many layers of trauma need my attention for ongoing healing. Increasing selfcare, keeping routine while reinforcing my boundaries and SPEAKING my truth (and improving what and how I say it and positive self talk)is building my self confidence. Although I know I no longer wish to remain in this relationship, I am staying, for now, to work on myself in preparation. I feel prepared with a self care routine for my emotional and physical health; along with an exit strategy. Being aware of old ways of avoidance and fear; how to return to myself and seek support when taking the next steps is crucial for my success and growth. With divine gratitude, S.R."
"My partner and I have been inching toward separating for years, but we have a young daughter and separation would likely mean she and I moving to another town to be near my family. Over the past few months the discussions were getting more serious and there were a number of times where we decided to move forward with separating. My partner would have an overnight change of heart and the pattern would begin again. I was burned out, completely dissociated from myself and at a loss about how to proceed. Now I have taken ownership of my decision to stay in this relationship for now. I have always felt like I wouldn't leave without knowing I had tried everything, but couldn't accept that the thing I needed to try was prioritizing myself and my needs. I understand that, while I was not the cause of it, my codependency and lack of boundaries were enabling his emotionally abusive behaviour. Working on myself has given me clarity on what my boundaries are and I find myself setting them more consistently every day. I'm learning to trust myself more and worry about the future less."
"I was lost in the fog because I had not been true to myself due to strong codependent patterns. I learned that I need to practice self care. I understood that setting boundaries and enforcing them is a skill - it needs to be practiced consistently. And most importantly, I learned to take radical self responsibility and own my power. I am not a victim."
Have questions?

Frequently asked questions

This program has helped hundreds of women all over the world! 

While not a substitute for therapy, ETC will provide you with in-depth transformation, community support, responsive answers to your questions as they arise, and powerful tools and insights you won’t get in regular therapy. You can take this program along with therapy. It’s your choice.
I have offered a payment plan to make this easier, and also invite you to see whether your concerns are coming from fear, lack, and victim mentality. You are operating from present circumstances, not from where you want to be. While I would not advocate purchasing ETC if you can’t feed your family or pay your mortgage, I challenge you to consider that you may have fixed beliefs about money and spending on yourself. You receive a whole lot more from this program than you will with just one-hour counselling sessions each week. Something to keep in mind.

There are no cancellations or refunds.

Yes, the installment plan option is offered for your convenience to make it accessible for those who aren’t able to pay for the program in full. You are required to make all of your payments. Payments are debited every 30 days with the payment method you have on file. 

ETCE is designed for women who are still in the relationship, or who are separated but are still feeling entangled with their ex, and are seriously considering reconciliation. Maybe your partner has made some changes, and you want to know if it’s going to stick this time. ETCE will give you clarity and a step by step process to know if your relationship can, or should be saved before you make the decision. Before you decide to engage back in the relationship, I urge you to take ETC first.

Many women leave a relationship like this and return, statistics say 7 times, before leaving for good. It is also common to get sucked back in with manipulation and promises each time you try to leave. Being in ETCE as you formulate clarity, inner strength, and a plan for your exit, as well as preparing yourself emotionally and logistically, will increase the odds that when you do leave, it will be for good. Based on my work with hundreds of women in this program, having support as you leave and after you exit is invaluable. Leaving and staying no contact is the hardest thing you will have to do. 

You get out of anything that you put into it. Allocate about 5 hours per week for watching/listening to the material, study and notes/journalling, or any homework you have to do. Also, keep in mind, clients report ETCE did more for them in 30 days than months spent in therapy getting nowhere. If you focus and stay in the work you will experience profound transformation.

We do not make currency adjustments. Adjusting the currency for every person that requests it would be extremely time consuming, and an admin nightmare. USD is a standard and universal currency for global businesses, and 90% of our business expenses, including software and tools to house our online programs, are paid for in US dollars

 I am no longer practicing as a counsellor, and the ETCE program is not counselling, therefore, this service is not covered by insurance.

 I am no longer practicing as a counsellor, and the ETCE program is not counselling, it is a coaching and mentoring program. Therefore, this service is not covered by insurance.

This program is currently offered as a self-study option and doesn’t include support. If you’d like direct consultation, you can book a 1:1 session, depending on current availability. 

Questions that aren't covered here about the program?
Email Support@Leanneoaten.com

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