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You’re here because you want to know more about me, and who the heck I am.

Back in 2010 I received my training to become a Registered Professional Counsellor, with a specialty in Applied Counselling Psychology, and opened up a private practice soon after.

Several years of running my private practice, facilitating workshops and women’s circles, live speaking, and support groups for women lead me to see a theme with the women who were guided to work with me.

Most of them were burned out, exhausted, and frustrated with at least some area of their life, they weren’t putting their needs at the forefront, and it was showing up as a mental-emotional imbalance or physical issues.

I worked with women who were struggling with relationship issues, burnout/adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, and food and body issues.

I’ve recently shifted my focus to starting Awakening Women Support because I saw a need for women who are experiencing narcissistic relationship abuse to have support and guidance about what to do about the relationship and their declining health due to the ongoing emotional stress.

My mission since moving my practice fully online has been educating and guiding women from all over the world to overcome stress-related health issues through mind-body self-healing,  emotional awareness, holistic lifestyle changes, setting healthy boundaries, and learning how to truly put themselves first.

My mission is the same, although my work has evolved much deeper into female empowerment and guiding women to overcoming toxic abuse dynamics in a committed relationship.

I help women through my Awakening Women podcast, online training, workshops, and my End The Cycle Evolve Transformation Coaching program.

When we learn how to effectively take care of our needs on every level, we begin to have more energy in our body, and greater mental clarity, we can make healthier more aligned choices that move us forward.

My mission is to help inspire and empower you to become a thriving woman on all levels so that you can show up more powerfully in your life in all areas.

If you’re feeling stuck and trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship, I’m here to light the way for your transformation out of the darkness.

See you on the other side,

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